About US

AIMSA is the India’s most active organization.


Our Vision.

AIMSA aims to protect the rights of medical students and make them independent, strong individuals who can serve the country and their patients woth dedication .We focus on providing Opportunities to the medical students to learn and display their capabilities through medical seminars, workshops and conferences.We aim to modify the Medical education system .


Our Mission

Our mission is to spread awareness amongst the medical as well as the non medical population and motivate them to do their bit for the country and it’s citizens. We promote donation camps, awareness programs and motivational sessions to promote organ donation, blood donation and spread awareness about community issues like addiction and mental health issues.

What we do?

What we Do ?

AIMSA brings people together to exchange, discuss and initiate projects to create a healthier world. It gives its members the skills and resources to be health leaders. It advocates for pressing issues that matter to shape the world we want. And it does deliver: our projects, our campaigns and our activities positively impact the physicians-to be and the communities they serve.

Who We Are ?

Who We Are ?

AIMSA aims to protect the rights of medical students and make them independent, strong individuals who can serve the country and their patients woth dedication .We focus on providing Opportunities to the medical students to learn and display their capabilities through medical seminars, workshops and conferences.

Eligibility of Memberships: Only streams such as MBBS (under graduate, graduate, Post-graduate) and BSD (under graduate, graduate, post-graduate) are eligibility to be a mamber of All India Medical Students’ Association. The application, if student should be studying in any Medical college of Dental college which is accredited or provisionally accredited by the Medical Council of India or Dental Council of India. All India Medical Students’ Association is a representative national voluntary organization of medical students and medical professionals.

Any person will be regarded as a member of All India Medical Students’ Associated (AIMSA) only if he/she has a valid membership ID number. The AIMSA membership ID will be provided after online registrations. Therefore, online registrations are mandatory.

* Membership maybe terminated in cases of misbehaviour that causes harm to the Organization.

The decision of the AIMSA, regarding the termination from the membership of the Association shall be final.
  Governing body posts( Designation) in AIMSA , ( Whether National governing body/ State governing body/ College level governing body), will not be considered valid for those who have not registered for membership in AIMSA.
  Life time validity for membership actually implies, validity for the duration of course, under-graduation or post-graduation at the time of registration.
All the digital portals at National and State levels of AIMSA like Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube Channel, Twitter account and other social media portal are the properties of AIMSA. Nobody is authorised to delete these accounts. Those who are holding these account details must handover it to the AIMSA. Legal action will be taken against those who deletes those social media accounts.
Those who have used my digital signature without my consent obtained through my personal email ID will not be considered valid.
Those who are AIMSA’S registered member or going to take membership, will be considered as AIMSA’S honorary member.

Literature need to constantly remind people about their heritage & values, necessary for development of personality.It becomes all the more urgent in view of the changing fast lifestyle full of stress & strain

AIMSA is a professional and social platform for Medical Students updating their knowledge and helping new friendship.
AIMSA is organizing various National as well as International Medical Conferences & various Others events periodically.
AIMSA member can get discount in various AIMSA Associated annual College events, Medical Conferences, etc.

Even non-medicos can make their contributions in fulfilling the aim of All India Medical Students’ Association, AIMSA will highly appreciate such contribution and will also take inspiration from such people.

  1. The Association shall work to safeguard, protect the interests, rights of all medical professionals and students.
  2. To provide free medical treatment to the victim of all type of natural calamities and to serve these victim by all means.
  3. To provide free treatment and distribution of medicines to all kind of old-age home, Orphans houses, Resettlement camp, shelter camps etc.
  4. To provide information and to run awareness camps, centers on information about all kind of Respiratory, Infectious diseases like AIDS, STD, T.B., Cholera etc.
  5. To aware the general public about family planning and to promote the use of Condoms, MALA D and other types of ways of family planning.
  6. To make the general public aware about SAVE Girl-and educate Girl Child.
  7. To oppose and discourage the identification of female child and their killing in Womb.
  8. To oppose and discourage the Child marriage.
  9. To provide assistance for female child education.
  10. To help the victims of all kind of accident like road, train etc.
  11. To encourage the services by medical professional by rewarding them.
  12. To provide assistance to poor student for medical education.
  13. To provide free meals & medicine to the poor and helpless outstation patients and their relatives.
  14. To help in the last rituals/cremation of the claimless dead bodies .
  15. To provide assistance in the treatment of sick and injured animals.
  16. To oppose, discourage and seek ban on the Sacrifices of cows.
  17. To oppose, discourage and seek ban on all kind of animal hunting.
  18. To aware the general public about the education.
  19. To aware the public about save water, cleanliness drive and use of toilets for creation of a better and clean India.
  20. To aware the public about corruption and to encourage for exercising their right to Vote.
    Organizing programme forprotection of Environment from pollution. To encourage and arrange for plantation and nurseries for protection of environment.
  21. To obtain donations, help from all kind of domestic, foreign sources, private groups, NGO, Societies , firms, Companies and other legal entities for the benefits and development of tribes, Laborers, Weavers, handicapped Helpless, Homeless, Orphans, Villagers, poor and other needy person.
  22. To help and maintain the national harmony more effectivelyin the society for development and to bring awareness about social development and eradication of corruption from the society.
  1. Organizing and running for the health of Children.
  2. Awareness of various diseases in the Society Such as T.B., AIDS, Leprosy, POLIO Etc. and holding seminars and running centers for their treatment.
  3. Conducting various programs about family planning, use of Condom, Family Planning Operation.
  4. To encourage the general public about Blood donation, eye donation, donation of other body part.
  5. Holding of Blood donation camps, providing of Ambulance Services, Medical Services in the Society.
  6. Establishment and running of Medical centers/Hospitals/Dispensary in rural and urban area.
  7. To hold various competition, publish material, poster, books and distribution of hand bills etc for making the public awareabout their health.
  8. To arrange for consultation Centre, Charitable Hospital, Vaccination, Investigation of health, treatment of all the needy person and their publicity.
  9. To support and assist any program run by Central /State Govt. in the field of Social/Medical field.