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All India Medical Students’ Association ind expects all the members of its National Governing Body to act as a unit and work in the direction of fulfilling the aim of All India Medical Student’s Association. AIMSA will always appreciate and be grateful for the valuable contributions made by the members of it’s National Governing Body. Termination and cessation of membership:- The Governing body of the Association shall have the power to expel/terminate a member or/and members, from the membership of the above Society on the following grounds:- On Death, On Written Resignation, If found to be involved in anti-social activities, If adjudged by any court of law to be a criminal offender, On becoming of a person of unsound mind, If found guilty by means of anti-propaganda of aims and objects of the Association, if disregards rules and regulation or disobey the decision of the Association


  • >> The decision of the AIMSA, regarding the termination from the membership of the Association shall be final.
  • >>  Governing body posts( Designation) in AIMSA , ( Whether National governing body/ State governing body/ College level governing body), will not be considered valid for those who have not registered for membership in AIMSA.
  • >>  Life time validity for membership actually implies, validity for the duration of course, under-graduation or post-graduation at the time of registration.
  • >> All the digital portals at National and State levels of AIMSA like Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube Channel, Twitter account and other social media portal are the properties of AIMSA. Nobody is authorised to delete these accounts. Those who are holding these account details must handover it to the AIMSA. Legal action will be taken against those who deletes those social media accounts.
  • Those who have used my digital signature without my consent obtained through my personal email ID will not be considered valid.
  • >> Those who are AIMSA’S registered member or going to take membership, will be considered as AIMSA’S honorary member.


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