Recently govt. of India passed an order which includes cross pathy & Mixopathy. The polemical notification vented out on 20th November called the Indian Medical Central Council (Post Graduate Ayurveda Education) Amendment Regulations, 2020 – by the Central Council of Indian Medicine authorizes an MS (ayurved) Shalya tantra, or General Surgery postgraduate degree holder on completion of his course to perform 58 surgical procedures , some of which are quite sophisticated . for instance it is not even secure to trust a modern surgical postgraduate to perform cholecystectomy until and unless he/she has been through 100 odd experiences of the same surgery . For ayurvedic surgeons to do this is an clear-cut invitation to casualty.

AIMSA’s Rationales

According to AIMSA all pathies have their own importance in their field & AIMSA do respects all pathies but we protest against the concept of cross pathy & mixopathy as they can’t be cohesive and have conflicting tactics. Since we understand that this is a needle to emergent colloquy for utilizing our country’s large workforce of non-M.B.B.S. doctors to enhance access to health-care therefore we urge I.M.A. to incite with precise and productively.

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