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What Are AIMSA Programs AIMSA Programs are centralized streams of activities, which are organized by AIMSA National Member Organizations (NMOs) and AIMSA internationally. AIMSA Programs address problems within a specific field that we as medical students and global health advocates stand up for while connecting local, national and international activities and opportunities that contribute to the final outcome. All AIMSA Programs connect the work of NMOs locally and nationally with the AIMSA vision and mission. NMOs decide which programs are to be adopted by AIMSA by voting on the Programs proposed by the Executive Board during the General Assembly. Programs are led by Program Coordinators and supervised by the AIMSA `Standing Committee Directors and Executive Board to ensure their quality of implementation, consistency and sustainability of the programs. It is important to note that one of the major aspects of AIMSA Programs is to ensure a way to measure the impact of AIMSA and its NMOs on the societies we serve. All NMOs and members of NMOs locally and nationally are encouraged to join an AIMSA Program by enrolling their activities, whether that be projects, campaigns, celebrations, workshops, events, trainings or theme based publications. These activities are coordinated by Activity Coordinators locally, nationally or internationally with the help and support from Program Coordinator and the relevant Standing Committee Director. Internally, these activities dont need to be just projects, campaigns, events, etc. but different research and capacity building activities as well as organized advocacy efforts on local, national and international level.