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Training is the backbone of the AIMSA: it is the tool with which we exchange experiences, acquire skills and develop knowledge in our organization. Medical professionals are continually pressed to take on roles in the management and improvement of health systems. As the AIMSA plays a significant role in developing future leadership for global health, the development of key skills through training is becoming increasingly important. Trainings provide medical students with the necessary skills that academic medical curricula often fail to provide. Throughout the years, the AIMSA has been developing a high quality training curriculum and training methods which have been passed on from generation to generation. This has allowed us to maintain important skills and knowledge, and to constantly improve and develop our training workshops. By offering training sessions from both in-house and professional trainers, the Training Support Division aims to run workshops around the globe for IAMSA members. We believe that training is a vital component of capacity building within the AIMSA , providing National Member Organizations, individuals and AIMSA project participants with the skills and resources they need to carry out their tasks. Starting October 2015, the Training Support Division will be moved under the portfolio of the Vice-President for Capacity Building. With these changes, we are confident we will be able to ensure a better representation of Capacity Building and Programmes in the strategic and executive decision making with the ultimate goal of better aligning the strategic priorities of AIMSA with the activities in our

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