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All India Medical Students’ Association (AIMSA) is a representative national voluntary organisation of, for and by medical students of India. All India Medical Students’ Association shall work to safeguard, protect the interests, rights of all medical students. All India Medical Students’ Association is registered under the Indian society Act, 1860. The headquarter of All India Medical Students’ Association is located in Delhi and State branches in all states.As an Organisation,  AIMSA strives to provide its members with numerous opportunities to develop themselves as National Health Leader of today & tomorrow. Aimsa is one of the most active medical students organisation.


Prof Dr Ravi Wankhedkar

All India Medical Students’ Association is working nicely for Medico.We appreciate the works done by All India Medical Association students. We wish all the best for the future of the students of India Medical Student Association.

Dr. Naresh Trehan

As per the field of Medico students of All India Medical Student’s Association has high potential.They are working on root level.Lots of blessings for their bright future.

Dr. Vivek Chouksey

All India Medical Students’Association Students with dedication are working for Medico. They will carry it through out their medical career. My best wishes are with them for their glorious future.

Dr. Manish Chandra Prabhakar

In the field Medico the participation of All India Medical students’ Association students are highly commendable.They are joining their hands together for these versatile work.


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