• A non-Medical Person cannot become Governing Board member of AIMSA but a Patron can. AIMSA will be grateful to you for your contribution to fulfilling the objectives of AIMSA.

• Before becoming an office-bearer of any National Board or State Board or College Board, it will be mandatory to take all these online memberships.

• To become an office-bearer of State Board or National Board of Aimsa has worked in 2 years in National Board in any NGO Association, 1 year in State Board.

• It will be mandatory for the National Board or State Board or College Board to take written permission from the National President before taking any activities of AIMSA, AIMSA will not be responsible for any decision or an activities taken without permission.

• AIMSA has only one portal for online membership forms whose link is at www.

• National Advisor will be the only medical professional who has served 5 years in any medical association.

• Any type of press release related to the AIMSA Nomination letter, other letters, or decisions related to AIMSA will be mentioned in the notification section of the website.Notification section containing letters or decisions or press releases or nominations.

• All the above letters or judgments or notifications mentioned in the section will be treated as such. Any other type of letter or decision will not be considered.

• If any member is using the digital signature of the nation executive board or state board he has to take permission from the person through email.

• All the digital portals at the National and State levels of AIMSA like a Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube Channel, Twitter account, and other social media portals are the properties of AIMSA. Nobody is authorized to delete, create these accounts. Those who are holding these account details must handover them to the AIMSA. Legal action will be taken against those who delete those social media accounts.

• A non-medical person cannot be a part of governing body of AIMSA

• Non-medical can help AIMSA in achieving its goals and objectives and AIMSA will be grateful for the same.

• Any kind of activity done by AIMSA like a nomination letter or any decision or any kind of official letter or activity will be available in the notification section of the website.

• Any kind of decision / nomination/press release/ any letter/ event available in notification section are acceptable. Any letter/ decision/press release/event will not be accepted if not present in the notification section of the website. (From any other kind of source)

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