All India Medical Students’ Association in expects all the members of its National Governing Body to act as a unit and work in the direction of fulfilling the aim of All India Medical Student’s Association. AIMSA will always appreciate and be grateful for the valuable contributions made by the members of its National Governing Body.

Rules & Regulations

• To become a National Board member, have worked in any medical association or NGO for 2 years
• To become a National Board member, it is mandatory to take online membership of AIMSA. Online membership link is uploaded on
• Any National Board member of AIMSA is such that it will be mandatory to take permission in written form from the National President of AIMSA before taking any decision related to AIMSA.
• The term of the National Board will be for 1 year but it can be extended with the permission of the National Board.
• No one will misuse the property of any National Board member and if he/she does then action will be taken against him/her and he/she will be responsible.
• It is mandatory to attend all board meetings of National Board members.
• In case of any dispute, all decisions of the National Board will be reserved with the National President. The decision of the National President will be considered the final decision.


• If any anti-propaganda is run against AIMSA and its objectives of AIMSA then AIMSA will terminate them.
• All members of the national boards of AIMSA will be mandatory to follow the rule regulation of membership, general rule regulation, national board rules regulations, and the rule regulation related to other by-laws. If your rule regulation breaks you could be terminated.