Definition – HLM is a means of the extending the privileges of membership in AIMSA upon risk practitioner of “sterling character and staunch uprightness” who are members of AIMSA and active in the risk management field. This membership is awarded without payment of membership fees on individuals for outstanding service or contribution to the field from the nominations received from any source, but is subject to the approval ofExecutive Committee. This type of membership is awarded at the event of AIMSA annually but it is not automatic. Themembership committee will consider the nominations and make recommendations to the Executive Committee toeither award the HLM or decline it.

1. Eligibility –Must be a member in good standing at all at all times whilst holding the HLM status.
2. Duration – Honorary Life Membership is a Permanent membership unless in breach of Code of Ethics.
3. Withdrawal of the status from the member -If in breach of Code of Ethics then membership revoked.