Our purpose is to connect more and more medical students. So that they can voice their rights and raise their issues in a better way. We want to develop leadership in every budding doctor. So that they can cherish and lighten the future, join AIMSA today to create opportunities and contribute to society by taking advantage of the international and national platform we provide.

Eligibility of Membership

Only streams such as MBBS (undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate) are eligible to be a member of the All India Medical Students' Association. The application, if a student should be studying in any medical college which is accredited or provisionally accredited by the National Medical Commission (NMC). For medical students or medical professionals who are going to take membership, their age will be a maximum of 35


Lifetime validity for membership implies, validity for the duration, of course, under-graduation or post-graduation at the time of registration.

Terms and conditions for membership

1. After submission of the correctly filled registration form along with membership charges, you can become an enthusiastic member of AIMSA.
2. There is only one online registration portal for (National, state, and college level) AIMSA membership.
3. An online registration portal is available on our website.
4. Membership provided only by our website portal is accepted.
5. Offline Membership is not valid and membership taken from any other portal in any mode will not be accepted.
6. Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
7. Any person will be regarded as a member of All India Medical Students' Associated (AIMSA) only if he/she has a valid membership ID number. The AIMSA membership ID will be provided after online registration. Therefore, online registrations are mandatory.
8. Membership may be terminated in cases of misbehavior that causes harm to the Organization.
9. AIMSA will provide Honorary Membership to the new registered members

Set of instruction for AIMSA

• Registration certificate
• Welcome letter from AIMSA
• ID card of AIMSA
• All the above certificates will be provided within 48 to 72 hours of online registration.
• All the above 3 certificates will be provided in PDF file format on the registered email ID. Print out all three certificates for any AIMSA activity.
• If a member does not receive the Membership Registration Certificate, ID Card of AIMSA, Welcome Letter of AIMSA within 48-72 hours. So that person send the proof of membership payment to our mail id official@aimsa.in . Within 7 days these three things will be sent to the registered mail id.
• Sometimes due to technical bank issue, the money of the person taking membership is deducted from the account. But money is not received in our account. So in that case when membership payment is received, membership registration certificate, ID card of AIMSA, welcome letter of AIMSA will be sent to your registered mail id within 7 days.

Conditions for Termination of Membership

1. On the death, on returning resignation.
2. Membership may be terminated in cases of misbehavior that causes harm to the Organization.
3. If found to be involved in anti-social activities, If adjudged by any court of law to be a criminal offender, On becoming of a person of unsound mind.
4. If found guilty by means of anti-propaganda of aims and objects of the Association, if disregards rules and regulation or disobey the decision of the Association.
5. Acceptance of membership depends on the national executive board.
6. Membership should be solely on a self-consent basis as later membership fees will not be returned.

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